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We always love to hear from you at Well Heeled, whether that is your feedback or you just want to know more about us and our products! As we are a small company, the best way tot get in touch is through our contact form on the right.  We do have a contact telephone number and company address but ask that you don’t write to us at that address as contact may then be delayed.

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Disclaimer and Important Note from Well Heeled

The information contained in all our blog posts, messages and information on all platforms is not to be used as diagnosis material or as professional advice.  We love writing our posts and information but you should always seek proper professional advice if you experience any negative health and well being problems.  We try to keep our information as accurate as possible but we do not intend to take the place of official, professional advice and information that you can find from you appropriate GP, medial services and other professional bodies that can give appropriate medical guidance and support.

Here are some great external links for you too seek that proper and appropriate foot, diabetes and health care guidance and support:

NHS Diabetes Support and Care

NHS Foot Care

Royal College of Podiatry

Mental Health Advice, Information and Support

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